Affordable SEO Pricing

How to Find Affordable SEO in Toronto

I have seen SEO service being offered from $99 per month to $25000+ a month.

Although, there is value to be found between these price points depending on your specific business situation, but as a business owner you need to be sure of the value that is being provided, what actual SEO actions are being taken and what difference will the specific SEO strategy make for the rankings of your website and your online growth in general.

The pricing of SEO is accessed on a project basis and depends on a combination of the following factors:

  • Total number of keywords targeted
  • How competitive these target keywords are
  • Where do these keywords currently rank
  • Audit of current backlinks and website’s overall authority
  • Goal, timeline and the expectation of the client

After my initial discussion with the client on a list of potential keywords, I will provide a budgeted range.

Monthly SEO campaigns start as low as $750/month and go up to $5,000 per month.

The initial budget range for the project is based on the five factors mentioned above. Many clients tend to start small and then ramp up the budget as they begin to see impressive SEO results.

My goal always is to educate the client about their current situation and what can be done to get them into a better position in search engine rankings. I provide the client with an expected timeline for results and a range of budget to consider.

There is no minimum term for SEO contracts although, I expect the clients to stay for a minimum of 3 months since they will begin to see great value after the initial foundation of re-working the on-page SEO of the website is done and email outreach for link building is initiated.

The final monthly cost is determined by the time spent in making website changes, content additions (if required), analysis of competitive backlinks, research and link prospecting and the total number of backlinks being built to deliver positive ranking movement and successful traffic growth.

In general, with a higher budget, higher quality and quantity of topically relevant backlinks can be built which would drive higher rankings quicker compared to a lower budget. Projects in competitive markets require a larger budget just like projects with a higher number of targeted keywords.

As always, I will provide you with a no-obligation SEO video review of your website to get you started in the right direction, and we can discuss the growth possibilities for your website on the follow-up call.

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