SEO Keyword Research

Success of your SEO strategy is determined by keyword research.

Optimizing a website for every possible relevant keyword can become awfully expensive, it is important to focus on the right keywords for your target market.

My keyword research method and analysis process, developed over the years has resulted in top rankings for clients in a diverse range of competitive B2B and B2C markets.

The right keywords couple of a strong organic SEO strategy can lower your advertising costs. When your website content closely matches the keyword query, the user tends to stay on website, learn more about the business and convert into a lead.

You may have some keywords in your mind for which you want to rank for, which is a good starting point. But a rigorous, recursive keyword research process is needed to uncover all the keywords, synonyms and variations that a potential customer would search for to find your business.

This keyword research process also reveals the gaps in the market and helps your predicting, the shifts in demand, the trends and seasonality of keywords.

My Keyword Research Service will:

  • Provide in-depth analysis of your current keywords.
  • Evaluate every competitor of your to uncover all their keywords.
  • Find the best keywords to focus on for your business goals.
  • Prioritize keyword groups to maximize the chances for success.
  • Monitor content gaps in the market to recommend new opportunities.
  • Find any geolocation specific terms that can benefit the entire SEO campaign.
  • Develop keywords based on user intent to separate buyers from browsers.

What Is the Next Step?

Once, the keyword research is completed, the keyword are then mapped to different pages and the content is optimized on those pages to support the keywords.

Get the highest return on investment from your SEO efforts. Talk to me about your campaign, or get a free video SEO audit for your website today.