SEO Content

Well written and engaging SEO content is the driving force behind a website’s rankings and conversions. The goal of your website content is to inform & educate and to persuade and sell.

Common SEO Content Issues

Duplicate content: Duplicate content can be detrimental to a site’s ranking. To get rid of this issue, we come up with new and fresh content that reads and flows well for the searcher as well as has been optimised for search engines.

Thin content: According to Google, thin content is content that adds little or no value to readers. Google penalizes websites that produce thin content by demoting them in rankings. Thin content is quite common in automated content management systems and affiliate websites. My team of content producers and I will enhance thin material with appropriate, relevant, unique and most importantly optimized content.

Unoptimized content: Content that isn’t purposeful, strategic and thoughtful can negatively affect a site’s relevance and in turn its ranking on search results. I regularly review existing content to ensure that it meets current optimization standards and requirements.

Unclear or ambiguous content: Content should be error-free, grammatically correct and should make use of clear wording to prompt the reader to take action. These are some of the criteria Google uses to rate the quality of content. Content is required to not only “pass a certain message across” but also match the level of professionalism and tone of the business it represents. Me and my team of writers can match your content with your organization’s ideals, values and mode of operation.

Needed content: In some cases, we find that our clients’ websites do not have certain content in critical areas like home and landing pages. In these cases, we come up with unique content that is specifically optimized to rank for the most popular keywords your customers/clients are using to find your company on the web. The content is custom-made for your business and target audience (both existing and future customers). We offer content that allows your business to stand out and become an authority in your specific niche.

Common FAQs About SEO Content

How Does Optimized Content Boost SEO?

Quality of content should be at the top of your list, especially given Google’s recent penalties on low-quality writing and spun articles. However, this is no reason to forget or neglect SEO when sourcing content for your website. Conventionally, optimizing content has involved adding specific keywords into the body of the content, which helps search engine crawlers to determine what your webpage or website should rank for.

Why Fresh SEO Content Matters?

Many businesses are guilty of setting up websites, posting some simple content to pages and then leaving the website to collect dust over the years. A stagnant website on the web is a nuisance to both owners and search engines. Google pays more attention to fresh and rich content, and the freshness algorithm comes into play which results in higher rankings for recent/updated webpage or website. On top of this, adding new content prompts bots to index your site more often, which is always a good thing for your ranking progress.

With an awesome content writing team, researching, writing and optimizing your website copy, you can rest assured that the end product will meet your needs, brand’s voice and the SEO objective.