Why Is Google Adwords Not Working for You?

Learn 3 Ways To Make Google Adwords Work Better For You

You’ve probably worked a very long time to put together your finalized website for your business. It can be a time of anticipation for you as an entrepreneur, since you know that a user-friendly and eye-catching website can start attracting new consumers, generating your business and revenue like you’ve never had before.

However, as many unwary entrepreneurs quickly discover, just building a website isn’t a sure thing in terms of growing their business. In truth, if you’re not making the most of opportunities such as Google AdWords, then your website might not get what you want it to done.

If you want to stop wasting your precious time or flushing money down a digital marketing campaign that simply isn’t working, then keep reading to learn some frequent mistakes others have made so you can use AdWords for optimal results.

Put Yourself In The User’s Place And Think About Long-Tail Keywords

If you want to draw traffic to your website, then you need to align your content with Google searches with relevant content that connects a target audience to your business. Most folks don’t know that they can accomplish this with the incorporation of ‘Long Tail’ content on their website, rather than the more common ‘Short Tail’ subject matter. Long-tail keywords have more than just a phrase or two, and they get very specific about the intent of a searcher.

Take a look at these slides to learn more about long tail vs short tail keywords:

Long Tail Vs Short Tail Keywords in ROI Perspective [Infographic] from ReportGarden

A lot of entrepreneurs emphasize short-tail search queries, but these don’t do anything to make your site stand out from others. For instance, if you’re website focuses on yoga equipment and supplies, it’s just not enough to have ‘yoga mat’ show up a few times in your content. If you’re looking to grow your conversion rate and draw more traffic through AdWords, then focus on a relevant long-tail query, like ‘black Manduka yoga mat.’

Maximize Your AdWords Budget With A Plan

It doesn’t matter if you’re whipping up a website for a huge business or just trying to plant an online flag for a new small business just starting out. Just buying random keywords isn’t going to generate Internet traffic. If you want to maximize the impact your AdWords budget has on your business, then you need a crystal clear idea as to what search phrases or keywords you’re going to target before you even get started with AdWords. The right digital marketing office is going to let you figure out the proper keywords quickly, simply based off of your particular products and services.

Search Engine Marketing Is Never A Case Of Setting It And Forgetting It

A lot of online entrepreneurs don’t know just how many ways they can keep competitive edges by properly utilizing the optimization features AdWords offers. Not only are there numerous ways to keep your own site properly optimized, many of them are really quite simple. For instance, if you operate an e-commerce site, make sure that you have a product data feed that’s constantly maintained. That means Google AdWords always has the most recent information when it runs its site analytics.

If your product feed isn’t up to date, then you’re not going to get relevant data or information on the products your visitors show interest or seem to not care about, and that makes it hard to come up with related content. You also need to stand ready to emphasize a re-targeting campaign that lets you boost your conversion levels while reducing how many wasted clicks you see.

A re-targeting campaign is something centered around keeping your website accessible to prospective consumers that might have already visited you but didn’t buy anything. When you re-target prior visitors with specific ads about particular products, different kinds of landing pages, or new blog content, you can narrow your focus to their own specific inquiries.

It’s not hard to keep your website current and relevant with AdWords, especially if you have a helping hand from capable and reputable digital marketing specialist.

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