Conversion Rate Optimization for Small Business Websites

A website targeting local traffic needs to have information that clearly communicates high value. The following are 7 key points that should be incorporated into website design for local businesses. If you implement these into your site design it will help to drive and increase conversions on your website.

1. Use the 2 Second Rule At All Times

Clarity is key. For conversions, it trumps aesthetics. You only have 2 seconds to ensure that visitors understand who you are, where/what you do, and how they can contact you. Be sure that you make it easy and quick for visitors to find what they are looking for.

2. Create Value

Why should somebody want to work with you? What are you offering? Make sure you are specific and clean, and avoid using superlatives and general claims. For example, rather than stating “World Famous Pasta” (no one believes this anyway), opt for “Fresh Pasta Handmade Daily” (not available everywhere and believable).

3. Stand Out

Be sure that all of your calls to actions, promotions and value propositions visually stand out. On your call to action buttons, use contrasting colors and eye-catching banners. Directional cues (such as arrows) will help to draw the attention of your visitors.

4. Create 3 separate 3 calls-to action above the fold on your web pages

For local business, ask them to schedule, visitor, order, email or call you in at least 3 different places and more if the page is a long sales letter style page, although no idea why would have one in the first place – but just in case. All pages should have clear calls to actions on them. People won’t act if you don’t ask.

5. Build Trust

When consumers perceive risk it absolutely kills sales. Make use of trust seals like award seals, testimonials, payment forms accepted and BBB seals. Make sure your website is modern and kept updated.

6. Create a video

These days a lot of people don’t read much online, but they love watching videos. Create a message with strong value and place it above the fold on the homepage of your website to give your conversions a big boost.

7. Be Mobile Friendly

More than fifty percent of local searches are conducted on mobile devices these days – and that number is going to continue to increase. It is imperative to have a responsive, mobile-friendly website design. If your visitors are unable to use their phones to navigate your website, you will end up losing half of your potential leads.

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