Make SEO Easier With The Top Chrome Extensions

When it comes to enhancing the overall functionality of your browser, you can look to the right extensions to give you the results that you are hoping for. These are additional features that can help a great deal for reducing your SEO efforts and can easily be added to whatever browser you are using.

Every browser comes with their very own SEO extensions, but with Google Chrome you get some of the top supportive extensions for SEO that are also very easy to operate. This is a listing of some of the top extensions that are available for Google Chrome that will help you to meet your requirements while also saving a great deal of time and hassle.


This happens to be one of the most popular and oldest types of software programs for marketing available online today. This is a convenient SEO tool that will allow you to view all of your SEO elements such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, Keyword Highlights, Link Profile, and more. To use this extension, all you have to do is enter the desired URL and hit search. It will display the stats as well as all reliable information regarding that URL.

Majestic SEO Toolbar

This is an option that gives a total summary of the given website. All of the website statistics are displayed using graphical representation, and you can interpret and apply your information to the desired SEO service or campaign.

SEO Site Tools

This is a vital tool as it helps you to go into detail when it comes to the competition and their websites along with your platform to understand the on-page, traffic, and social media detailing. You can enjoy additional features like website page range and simple clicks to give you detailed research. This site tool helps to put all of the results into six section with each of the sections having all of their metric specifications and stats.

SEO Quake

When you are looking for popular SEO browser extensions and tools, this is an option that will give you all of the metrics for each result shown in the SERPs, or search engine result pages. The tool helps by displaying no-follow links, web archive age, page rankings, keyword density analysis, and more. It is also easy to export your SERP data into a CSV file from SEO Quake.

Ahref SEO Toolbar

This is an option that displays the statistics for things like referring domains, social shares, backlinks, and domain authority. If you want to have functionality that is close to MozBar, Ahref is an option that does it with high quality and reliable information. This toolbar is free, but you can sign on for a subscription that will give you even more information and various graphical interpretations of your data.

I hope that these plugins will help you analyse sites and backlinks quickly and effectively.