6 Social Media Platforms That Can Be Used For Business

As everyone is aware, not all social media platforms are great for businesses to invest in. Mainly when you take into consideration where your audience hangs out online, how they use each of the platforms, your brand culture, and how much time you have available for maintaining each of the accounts. So if you aren’t sure which web-based social networking website you should use for your business, choose the ones that provide you with the best potential for being able to connect with your optimal collection of individuals and communicate the type of media you have selected as being most appropriate for your brand and organisation. Many organisations and people do a lot of measuring of assets and data transmission.

The following are some of the leading social media platforms you can consider to use in your business:


Facebook stands out as being the most extensive social platform in the world. Just its size alone makes it very useful for all businesses since it has so many potential customers on it. You can choose what to share. It provides organizations with more opportunities to speak in different ways about themselves. Facebook is all about building connections, and you can also make specific responses to individual queries and posts. Having a business Facebook age can provide any business with many benefits, including SEO ones.


This social media platform isn’t as simple as it first looks. You might be limited to just using 140 characters. However, it can be hard to create something meaningful within this small character limit. Twitter does stand out in being able to build a relevant and huge audience quickly. However, you are unable to use messages to target groups of followers, so sometimes it seems like you are just throwing your messages out into a huge silent world. Therefore, this platform works well for making initial connections and that can help to achieve reliable reach on a different platform such as a podcast or blog.


This is a very effective tool that provides users with very interesting content. It has become synonymous with organizational or custom made videos. People from all over the world watch these videos and individuals also post videos to fulfil their dreams of turning into a web sensation. The best way to successfully use YouTube is to highlight your organization or item of interest in an interesting way. With a large number of people who use YouTube these days, the bar has been set very high. No one will sit and watch a long boring video. You must capture and keep their attention.


LinkedIn is the deal networking site for business. Even before we were talking about “web-based social networking,” we had individual to individual communication which is what makes LinkedIn so distinct. It is a method that allows you to develop connections within the business world and use them. It is a fundamental and great way to connect with other business people and get into their Rolodex so that when they need your services or products, you are right there.


Pinterest is a website that allows people to post photos, pictures, and videos to pinboards. This website has a high percentage of female users, so it is ideal for organisations that offer services and products to women. So if you provide services related to topics such as beauty, travel, or weddings, then it is a great site to use and post exciting photos and videos.


This informal online community application allows people and organizations to take and share photos and videos (up to 15 seconds in length) from their cell phones and then share them in various places like Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. You can draw people in with your photos by making comments and likes.