I am a Toronto based SEO expert and digital marketing strategist. I use a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and conversion rate optimization (CRO) to help improve your brand visibility online and convert more of your website visitors into leads and paying customers.

I have seen and survived every single Google algorithm update and change since 2005. Drawing from this 10+ years of experience and knowledge of search engines I have grown to understand what it takes to move websites up in SERPS and can back it up with solid results.

Over 10 Years Of Experience With SEO

If you are looking for someone who has been involved with the SEO industry since its earliest days, then I am that guy. There aren’t very many SEO experts that have been involved in as many algorithm updates as I have and my experience has allowed me to guide many clients through those updates. My affordable SEO services are measurable, and I have delivered first page results for many of my SEO clients.

Proven Track Record for First Page Results

Many clients have been able to reach their goals and achieve top rankings with my help. Whether you are a local business or a Fortune 500 brand, I have the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver first-page search engine results.

Fair and Upfront Pricing

Many so called Toronto SEO experts do not produce any clear reporting that allows you to see just what you’re getting for the money that you’re spending. I, on the other hand continuously produce results while also working closely with my clients so that they understand exactly what services are being performed and why, for the money the client is spending.

I take up local and national SEO projects that are based on monthly retainers and also offer SEO expert advice and consulting on hourly basis.

Single Point of Contact

It is typical in the SEO industry to have an office with a pushy salesperson and a so-called account manager who does nothing more than copy screenshots from Google Analytics and tries saying that is SEO. With my SEO expert services, you’ll get customer service that is unmatched and support that works tirelessly around the clock. I will work with you directly so when you need to understand something, or you need technical information I am able to give it to you concisely and promptly.

Adaptable to Changing SEO Climate

SEO is always evolving and to keep up with the most current strategies it is necessary to constantly research and test. I tirelessly monitor the changes in the algorithm and update my strategies along with informing my clients so that they’re able to maintain results and benefit from the updates. I run my own network of over 50+ test sites that I perform SEO tests on to produce the best results for my clients. If you are looking to hire a Toronto SEO expert, ask them where do they practice SEO, on your (client) site or their own!

Simple Yet Effective Process

I follows the exact same process for every client of my Toronto SEO consulting service. Doing so gets the most out of each link building and outreach effort but still leaves room for customization which is based on the results that I get for you combined with the results from my own search engine optimization tests.


I offer a variety of digital marketing services to my clients including:


People are looking for business on Google. Make sure that you are found. Funnel more customers to your website with data-driven technical SEO campaigns.


I won’t just optimize your PPC campaigns. I will work with you to improve the conversion rate of your website so you can profit more from PPC advertising.


If local people cannot find your business in the Google maps then you are missing out. I’ll ensure you are a top ranked local business in Google Maps.


Are you proud of your website? Does it have the desired design and functionality you wish? I’ll build you a site that will be both beautiful and easy to use.


Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Bing Ads Accredited Professional



What are my clients are saying about me?

Prompt, courteous and effective! Best of all, the resulting links started to raise my search engine rankings quite quickly. Definitely a better idea than spending hours doing your own link building when you should be focusing on making more great site content.


Bipolar Lives

A colleague suggested I use Anurag’s link building service and I must say I couldn’t be happier. Everything I was told came true. Hundreds of verified citations with minimal work or expense from my end, and very polite and professional customer service. It is a very pleasant change to find such value for money instead of the usual Internet runaround.


Credit Card Comparisions

When we approached Anurag our rankings were declining. We were competing in a highly competitive industry (real estate). Within a couple of months, he turned our organic rankings around and we started showing up for highly-competitive high volume terms. Anurag is highly recommended providing real strategy and execution that’s growth driven.


GreenWatt Media Inc.

Enough About Me


To get a FREE video review of your website and a 30 minute SEO consultation send me a message.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It involves enhancing your web pages along with their link profile in order to improve your website’s rankings within the Search Engine results pages (SERPS) for your chosen keyword phrases. Even Google says that making the decision to hire an SEO is an important decision that may save your time and improve your website.

How Much Time Does it Take to Rank a Website?

How much time it will take to achieve top rankings will vary based on many different factors. In fact, there are hundreds of various factors that go into determining where your website ranks in relations to all of the other websites that are competing for the same keywords that you are.

I work within your budget constraints in order to achieve top rankings for your website as soon as possible. Incredible results have been achieved for some of my clients within just weeks of our recommendations being implemented, while other clients may take over a year to see top rankings for their major keyword phrases.

Do you Require a Minimum Contract Period?

No, I do not. I offer adaptable and flexible SEO plans. Your obligation is just month to month without any strict terms and conditions or long-term contracts to contend with. There are specific terms and conditions included in our Custom SEO Program Agreements.

What Exactly Will you be Doing for me?

I provide the perfect balance of offering advisory services along with task implementation that focuses on obtaining maximum Return on Investment (SEO ROI) and internet visibility for your business. For every recommendation I provide, I document it and clearly spell out what I am going to be doing, on your web pages as well as off.

How do the Search Engines Really Work?

The Search Engines refine the way they rank web pages on a continuous basis. However, there are four key elements that form the foundation for successfully achieving page one results in the search engines:

  • Selecting the best keywords
  • Making sure your website has the right architecture and infrastructure
  • Creating and publishing engaging, original and rich content
  • Developing a strong profile of on-theme, high quality citations and incoming links
Would Having a Blog Improve my SEO Results?

When it comes to high rankings, blogs do not have any particular special powers. When done correctly what they do provide is unique, fresh content. Search engines do have a tendency to like that, no matter what format it is in. Google likes fresh content. If they are aware of the fact that a certain website is adding new articles frequently, they will visit the site more often to get the new content indexed. Blogs are definitely an easy way of posting new information on your website. A similar benefit can be provided by archiving your newsletter onto your site, as can a popular forum or archived press releases.

These days the pinging that most blog software does appear to help blog posts get spidered and then index very fast. This is definitely a benefit. Blog posts also are displayed in Google’s Blog search and other types of blog searches.

How Does SEO Benefit My Website?

Almost all internet users these days find their way around online by doing internet searches. That is why search engines provide huge amounts of traffic to websites. Search engine marketing and optimization look to capitalize on the traffic. There have been many studies that have been conducted that show that websites ranking on the search results first page receive much more traffic compared to websites ranking on the second page. The concept behind SEO and optimization is to boost the rankings of your website to the highest possible rankings and position so that you can receive the highest amount of traffic from the search engines.

It is possible to use optimization to your advantage through knowing what the search engines look for in a website and adhering to them. Some of the factors include having many different pages on your website focused on specific topics and keywords, having lots of keyword rich content, and having a high amount of links that point to your website.

SEO is fast becoming the preferred method for promoting websites online and driving more search engine traffic using optimization and SEO tools to gain a lot more traffic that could be gained from advertising. The ROI that any good SEO specialist can bring to your business is the highest in comparison to all forms of digital advertising.

So whether you just have a current events blog or run an e-commerce site, search engine optimization is the best method to use to increase traffic to your website

What is Included in the Ongoing SEO Services you Provide?

Each month I conduct several different SEO promotional activities that are ongoing. I have a proprietary process that I follow, but in summary some of the things I do include: we ensure that on-site factors are fully optimized, I work closely with our clients to get valuable content developed. I work on developing new external links with a streamlined outreach program to contact and build a relationship with bloggers and site owners in your niche/market. I continuously monitor the Google Search Console for any errors and issues that may crop up and fix them.